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Almost Famous

December 31, 2008

if the Denis Leary post made you feel sad, maybe this news about Ryan Adams will make you feel glad!  maybe not…

so, we’ve definitely been following the Ryan Adams book of poems story.  and yeah, it’s just a stanky, moldy story where we make fun of ryan adams, but that’s always been fun, right?*


originally we wanted to do a review of this review because, truth be told, we don’t actually have a copy of Infinity Blues. mostly because it’s not available until April, 2009. and then we started thinking, “hey, how did this guy get a copy of Infinity Blues?” and that led to thinking “hey, did this guy review the amazon page for Infinity Blues?”  somebody must have an advance copy.  lucky!  anyway, in Mr. Hansen’s estimation, the star-studded blurbs are the book’s most prominent features.

“Infinity Blues is Ryan Adams at his personal, unforgettable best. Strong and beautiful and funny and pure. Like all his work, it’s soul poetry of the highest order.”
–Cameron Crowe, filmmaker

got that?  soul poetry!  if only YOUR book had a blurb of this caliber, you’d be so set you wouldn’t even need a crappy endowment prize.  cause your blurbs will translate into actual $ale$.  sorry, ashyboobery, mary louise parker brings it home.  according to the Penguin Blog, the best blurbs are as much persuasive as poetic,

“It’s about the individual story and bringing it to life in a very short space during a very short time in which the potential reader is pondering to buy or not to buy.”


*maybe gawker finally gave up on making fun of ryan adams but they got james frey as an intern!  WTF?  other blogs are sooooo lucky!

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