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Denis Leary got published in Ploughshares and you didn’t

December 30, 2008

Sure it hurts walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing the poetry shelves full of shiny, glossy, hardcovers by Amber Tamblyn, Alicia Keys, Ryan Adams and Jewel.  But, you know, it’s also funny because their poems totally suck and would NEVER be accepted into a reputable literary magazine. SUCKERS!

& then we found this….

so Denis Leary is into poetry…and “Early in college, [Leary] had a huge crush on this poetry teacher,” and yes, yes, sure enough he had poems published in the same Fall 1977 issue as John Ashbery, Bill Knott, Kenneth Rexroth and Gail Mazur.  Ouch.



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  1. Sue permalink
    December 31, 2008 7:37 am

    I’ve got a copy of both Infinity Blues and the chapbook of Ryan Adams poems and (a couple of) stories –there was a pre-order– and I have thoroughly enjoyed both. Some of the pieces are stronger than others, but he can in fact write, and some of them are very good. Since most of the reviews I’ve seen have either been by people who haven’t read the book or people who are reviewing either the blurbs or Mr. Adams himself, I thought you might like to hear from someone who had actually read the books.

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