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Page Six Lit-Dish. No Shit.

July 18, 2008

To be totally honest, we thought we’d nailed the next lit-rocker. We were for sure (!) that Stephen Malkmus would write a book. Too sure, it seems, as we overlooked the creative juggernaut that is RYAN ADAMS!!

The New York Post (aka “the most credible newspaper ever in the history of time or across nations, bitches!”) features a Page Six item about RyAds’ forthcoming prose collection. Clearly The Post means to correct the inexperienced scamps at Gawker, who reported in May that the collection would be poetry, not prose. On May 9, Manhattan’s media & gossip goldmine/blog, Gawker, reported that Adams reported that “If Jewel can do it…”

Title? No Comment.

Regarding the ole switcheroo, maybe Adam’s publishers put him hip to the fund-stats and were like, “Dude, poetry doesn’t make any money”. Or maybe Jewel can do things that Ryan Adams can’t do after all. No worries, Gawker resolves to get to the bottom of this, having already emailed Adams for clarity. We all will DEFINITELY keep you posted.

So let’s make a vote here and now to have Adams’ book referred to as pemos so as to pay homage to his obvious emo roots. And to start a new school of poetry based on emo. It was going to happen anyway…let’s be visionary and call it a day.


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