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Ryan Adams Pemos As Promised!

August 28, 2008

The great news is that Ryan Adams’ book has a publisher! The terrible news is that the book was written by Ryan Adams. JK–LOL!  We know you’ve been waiting for this update!

Infinity Blues is a forthcoming non-fictive-realesque-prose title from Akashic Books, an “indie” publisher. From all appearances Adams has some serious submission savvy, having sent his manuscript to the very publisher likely to be interested in his work: the “indie” publisher. Proof that there’s a press for everyone! Who knew Ryan Adams had a lesson to teach first time authors? Namely, don’t send your work to the Paris Review because they don’t give an eff. There are many editors and publishers who will be interested in your work, so choose wisely and save yourself both time and agony. Also, it would be super lame if Ryan Adams had more lit-savvy than the rest of you. Don’t shame us or yourselves.

Adams called his manuscript the size of a “sad bible” and wants folks to know that he submitted his work like everyone else, did the BS editorial meetings, and doubts that his publishers have heard any of his music. Duly noted, ya’ll: having a successful music career that includes two Grammy nominations is, in no way, a guarantee of a wide audience or editorial approval.

Surely Ry-Ry thought there would be hataz but he seems particularly riled about Sean Adams’ fairly innocuous commentary which took place yesterday over at Drowned in Sound. Seriously, has Ryan Adams even heard of Foetry? Now that is vicious book commentary!

So, in other words, it’s just an ordinary day on the internet. NBD–just two grown men, complete strangers, arguing with each other over a forthcoming book…possibly because the primary formal effect of the internet is to foster a nasty anonymity and create dubious celebrity in a forum whose overwhelming response to modern intimacy has been to generate large amounts of self-involved drivel-text accompanied by loathsome commentary. The artist formerly known as the internet now know as the blogopshere.

This post doesn’t have a logical end-point so I’m cutting it off right here. But remember the key points, kiddies: Ryan Adams, lit-savvy, publishers who actually like your work, and the internet is full of jealousy and/or rampant misunderstanding.

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