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“Worse than a reading of “Ode on a Grecian Urn” by a white kid with dreadlocks drinking straight patchouli oil in a Williamsburg coffee shop”**

March 5, 2010

The Yale undergrad founded: “MOVEMENT FOR BEAUTY AND JUSTICE”

Our society is experiencing a profound crisis of meaning:  the inability to recognize a deeper purpose in life beyond simple material accumulation, self-interest, and validation in material objects.We live in a world of inequality, social injustice, and conflict. Political and social structures have disregarded the collective implications of our individual actions for too long. We recognize that it is a person’s right to increase his or her own economic wellbeing. However we believe that many people feel dissatisfied with a life focused narrowly on material pursuit. Ultimate happiness rests in something beyond consumption.  But once we achieve a measure of economic security, we often lapse into complacency and the legitimate goal of economic wellbeing becomes the dominant purpose and the structuring force of our lives. In pursuing this value we unintentionally become complicit in social structures that disregard the collective implications of our individual actions and serve to perpetuate conflict, degradation of natural resources, inequality and injustice.  This self-reinforcing spiral of alienation pulls us even further from a sense of deeper purpose and into an unreflective state of anomie. The Movement for Beauty & Justice addresses the root cause of this anomie by advocating a transformation of social values within the contemporary capitalist framework.  Specifically, we believe that a society that consciously promotes a culture of beauty and justice is key to this value transformation.


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