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Poetry Is The Appropriate Response

December 20, 2009

New York Magazine has released the ’09 edition of Reasons To Love New York and number 21 is “We Fight Over Poetry“.  The mag claims,

When you pick a fight with a poet, you expect to win. You are likely to be outmatched, however, if the poet you are up against is Alice Quinn.

For those of you what ride the alphabet back and forth everywhere, you are aware that the MTA campaign Train of Thought is more a Successories for trains than anything interesting to look at or think about.  They’re just not as good as the Poetry In Motion selections, which are colorful and unexpected where TOT is dull, heavy, and –ugh– stuffy.

What you might not know–because cultural memory in NYC is, like, four months long–is that Train of Thought mostly replaced Poetry In Motion in 2008; the brillz move of MTA director of marketing, Alicia Martinez.  Martinez wanted to expand the series to include, “material from a variety of other disciplines in addition to poetry to bring important, engaging, insightful quotes to our riders, and entice them to explore the author or subject further.”  Because Plato needs press, not Paley?  Sooooooo SOQ, Alicia, sooooo…

Turns out, Alice Quinn was nonetoopleased with that shit and decided to raise her own funds to purchase MTA ad space to relaunch the Poetry In Motion campaign.  In January PIM will appear on Manhattan buses.  2010 promises to be far more inspirational.


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