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Amber Tamblyn Has A Book Of Poems?

September 15, 2009

correction, bitch: amber tamblyn has TWO BOOKS of poems.  shit is in the multiples.

we’ve got to admit, her titles are getting better.  AT’s new collection “Bang Ditto” is a vast improvement on her debut “Free Stallion: Poems”



amber tamblyn reading from her second volume of poetry--Bang Ditto--at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City

AND OMG SHE LOVES NOELLE KOCOT & DIANE DIPRIMA! or as we also refer to dd, “the beyonce version of sue-b.”

FP: If there was one poet you felt everyone should be required read, who would it be?

AT: Diane Di Prima. Every woman — writer or not — should read her book, Recollections: My Life As A Woman. She is one of the most influential women living today. Her writing, the lifestyle she paved for herself in the ‘60s, pretty much everything about her is incredible. She’s like the Beyoncé version of Susan B. Anthony.


(thanks, bookslut, thanks)

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