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Doobers: A Journal of the Arts

September 7, 2009


vintage Village Voice via SILLIMAN.  ginsberg fights the good fight: LEGALIZE IT.


Pickets for Pot Push Legalization

The group, which counted among it poet Allen Ginsberg and friend Peter Orlovsky, his shoulder-length blond hair streaming from under an Orange scotch beret, chanted, “Om Hari Namo Shiva, Om Hari Namo Shiva,” over and over again as they moved in an ovular pattern on the sidewalk. Ginsberg and Orlovsky gaily played Oriental finger cymbals as they walked. The Indian chant, according to Ginsberg, means “Oh bringer of delight, name of Shiva.” Shiva, he explained, is the god of Yoga, asceticism, meditation and marijuana.

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