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“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

August 3, 2009

we at vowel movers stand behind steve fellner’s criticism of the abramson-leslie consulting firm.  and we applaud HTML giant for helping others access fellner’s now defunct post.


the vowel movers remain annonymous in protest to the soggy self-promotional shitstorm emerging from contemporary poetry.  we will agree that being recognizable is a numbers game–the more you’re out there, the more people are likely read or recognize you.  however, we will never agree that this facile argument is an appropriate response to the cries that poetry is culturally irrelevant.


making YOU recognizable or creating a demand for your expertise provides no immediate or long term benefit to the practice of poetry.  rampant self promotion and duping people into believing they need your expertise–either through solicitation of services or through a wildly blind dedication to your ideals– is reprehensible, aesthetically and otherwise.  the impulse is no more appropriate when institutionalized or framed as a professional venture.  as humans we aren’t exactly batting 100 when it comes to protecting ourselves against those who exploit our insecurities and provide one-off solutions for calming anxieties.  if the impulse to legitimize the singular POET isn’t curbed more aggressively, the poetry of our time will be less a fire point and more an exhaust port.




oh, and we’re not ashamed of anything we think or say here; post all the testimonies you want.  have the courage of your convictions and don’t shut people down or dismiss them simply for having a contrary opinion.  we can afford a lawyer, boo.  at least one of us makes bank.


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