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New Innovations At Harriet

July 22, 2009

as part of the ongoing effort to tame the unbridled chaos of the comment fields at Harriet, the pofo has instituted a simple “thumbs up / thumbs down” voting feature for comments.

much like the cheers / jeers of TV Guide’s past, this feature will undoubtedly help folks steer clear of those comments where…well, where shit is just plain foul ego jabbing and a lineup of losers for the big dick contest we’re holding next month.

not a bad idea.  but we often want to give the middle finger and until the pofo makes it option, we’ll call our current mood “impressed but disgruntled”.

The new comments feature allows readers to anonymously state a “like” or “dislike” preference for comments on Harriet posts by clicking on the “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” icons below each comment.  The like/dislike ratio will be displayed to the left of the handy icons, updating with each vote.


currently this feature is in its testing phase.  one idea is to perhaps collapse those comments which receive high numbers of negative responses.

predictably, alan cordle is already insinuating unfair treatment at the hands of the system.  conspiracy was so five years ago, alan.


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