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The Poet-Pimp

July 20, 2009


On HBO’s new series, HUNG, Jane Adams plays struggling poet, Tanya Skagle:

Tanya works the night shift at a Detroit law firm as a perma-temp proofreader. She knows about Ray’s special talent as the result of their brief encounter after visiting his history class as part of a “Poets in the Schools” program. When they meet again at an entrepreneurial workshop, it is Tanya who reminds Ray of his winning tool.

Oh and at the entrepeneurial workshop Tonya’s get-rich-plan is LYRIC BREAD.:

Well I’m a poet so what I’m good with are words.  some people don’t value words as much as I do [. . .] using the fortune cookie as my inspiration I plan to create and market a line of lyric breads with a short poem tucked inside . . . a croissant folded around Maya Angelou’s ‘Phenomenal Woman’, for example, or a raisin loaf with ‘The Road Not Taken’ swirled in . . maybe some of my own poetry too.

Our favorite thing about Tanya is how she’s one of those people who will actually tell you, “I’m a poet” with a straight-face.  Like when she was talking to her old boss, Lenore, and said:

Lenore, I have an MFA.

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  1. July 21, 2009 6:24 am

    thats hot.

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