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In Memory of Michael Jackson, VM presents a Kick-Ass Poem by Dara Wier

June 26, 2009

by Dara Wier

My love said take
All my books,

You can take all my clothes,
My hats, my shoes, my gloves,

You can have my watchband
Take my sifters

You can have my glass head
And my silver darts,

Take my wild boar, my astronaut,
You can have my pots & pans,

And my replica
Of the United States, and take

While you’re at it, all of the
presidential figurines

You can have all my matchbooks,
My binoculars, my exceptionally fine

Collection of cleaning products,
My one-of-a-kind snake charming horn,

Take my sand dollars & beach glass,
Take all of my spices and salt & pepper,

You can have my smoked ham & brown mustard,
You can take away my Progesso Soup,

Take away my bread, take my spoons,
You can have my sheets and my pillows,

Take my rugs and my three erasers,
Take my pitcher and the scarf you gave me,

Take my feathers my fox took
From my hawk, take my walking stick,

You can have my broom and my glass eye,
You can take away my atomic clock,

Take my dog, take my rule book,
Take my decoy and my bamboo cage,

You can take my girl waiting on
Her suitcase, my Michael Jackson doll,

You can take my mother and her priest
And their holy water basin,

Take my drill and my hammer,
You can have all my brushes & combs,

Take my handkercheifs and my scissors,
Take all of the keys you can find

In the house, take my scythe my hoe,
My rags, my lamp with the lovers

Asleep in one another’s arms, take
My sprite sitting on a stump daydreaming

Over an empty book, take my moose,
Take my coffee can of loose change,

Take all of my ant traps, take my
Windowpanes, take my steps and my doors,

Take my chicken shack & my wheelbarrow,
Take my combat ship plaque, take my

Vatican champagne flutes, my earplugs,
Take my quilts, take all of my quilts,

I would not take one stitch
Of one of your quilts, though I love them,

I sweetly interrupted.

“Romantic” by Dara Wier. From Hat on a Pond, © 2001 by Dara Wier, published by Verse Press.

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