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“I sleep with other women because I’m a poet — and poets feed off life”

March 22, 2009

When our familes and friends are no longer impressed with our poems about the best bargain on gold glitter in the last seven years, or the “work” we are doing to redesign our “poetic image” via social network image rehauling and blog resdesign, or our actual no-fail plan to get Fence to finally accept us, thank goodness for movies where poets ARE impressive, like The Edge of Love where Dylan Thomas says things  like “I sleep with other women becase I’m a poet– and poets feed off life” —

This review of  The Edge of Love in Venuszine breaks down the magic:

two tarts + poetic louse + a real trouper + a whole lot of forbidden love = hammy Drama on the life and loves of Dylan Thomas.


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  1. March 24, 2009 12:08 pm

    poetic image?

    so you can be an asshole on a daily basis, but write powerful poetry and you’re no longer an asshole on the page?

    Could one just be reading an asshole’s poetry.

    Can a poem be an asshole? We’d have to personify a poem, then…

    Hmm… A poem can do asshole-ish things, have such tendencies.

    If Hitler wrote anonymous poetry you adored, when discovering Hitler wrote them change their truth to you?

    If Ghandi wrote angry verse in secret, would his image change?

    My examples are cliche.

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