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February 12, 2009

so eat cat shit and quiver ya’ll.

ok, so we’re too cool for AWP and you know it.  but while you were primping for the bookfair, we were catching up with nona hendryx who is reuniting with sarah dash and patti labelle.  and idk what kind of poetry nones  is writing now but hopefully the ole magic is still there.  cause this shit was geen-yus:


Your songwriting back in the day was very abstract lyrically — dipping into science, politics, metaphysics. Did Patti and Sarah ever say to you, “Girl, what are we singing about?”

There was some of that, I think. The songs didn’t seem progressive. They just felt like what I needed to share. The lyrics grew out of my poetry and what was going on in our lives. We were women at the time. We weren’t singing about teen love. We were in a time when sexual, social and political lyrics were not what they had been before. … It was a time when your expression was not in that dream state. It was a very real time. For me, my poetry was about my personal experience at that time, and it was my reaction to what was happening.

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