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Facebook Is Like Crack For Poets

February 8, 2009


ok, we got your message & we’re getting a facebook page.  PROM-ISE.  but the super-poking is a no dice.  dueling status messages?  a must-do!

we have a plan in place for acquiring 1,000 + profile photos and updating our status ALL DAY.  but this is one good idea we didn’t have.  darren wershler and bill kennedy collect facebook updates from their friends and attribute them to dead poets and writers.  duh!  this is the poetic equivalent of hacking digital highway signs.  sort of.  can you really hack something that’s dead?  a question for the ages…

but, seriously?  e e cummings : gold bikini.  that’s one excellent name for a journal, don’t you think?


Siegfried Sassoon has moved on from Charles Mingus, Ah Um to another great great marking record, Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole.

Charles Olson has a crush on a femme from Reed.

Mina Loy is watching college football, hungry for chili.

Aphra Behn is having an at home night.

Charles Bukowski is okay, okay, I’ll give Bon Iver another chance. Not Fleet Foxes though.  OR Charles Bukowski is very sad about Global Warming.

Louis Zukofsky is confused and thought the L-Word ended already last year. No?


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  1. February 19, 2009 10:53 am

    Why you’re just as cool as a box of glass. And thats pretty darn cool.

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