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by the side of the road

February 4, 2009

cuomo067Not content to let Ryan Adams swiftly become the new musician/poet we all adore (sorry, Jewel), Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo popped up on Daytrotter today reading a poem — “By the Side of the Road” — that he wrote as a recluse after everyone hated his band’s second album, Pinkerton*.

Back in those days, Cuomo locked himself in a room, blocked out sunlight and kept to himself. Coincidentally, this performance sounds like it’s coming from a guy who is locked in his room, blocking out sunlight and keeping to himself. You’re livin’ the art, man.

Cuomo is currently working on a book about his days as a musician before rock stardom. No word yet on whether he has any poetry irons in the fire. And by poetry irons, I mean chapbooks. THEY’RE BURNING, MAN, GET ‘EM OUTTA THERE.

Cuomo is currently promoting his second compilation of home demos, titled Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. Speaking of, it features a sound collage experiment titled “Harvard Blues.” Cuomo may have some flarf in him yet.

* Everyone now loves Pinkerton, and now Cuomo is writing terrible songs instead of terrible poetry. Go figure.

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