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This is the one where poetry meets the Queen of Soul

December 18, 2008


*here at Vowel Movers our interns receive many perks including but not limited to endless supplies of glitter and stick-on rhinestones with which to decorate everything in the office and themselves, as well as most important business mailings leaving the office; getting to stare at our wall of hottie-hot-poet photos which includes classic hearth-throbs such as Robert Pinsky (can you say chest hair?), Mark Strand, James Galvin, and Robert Hass— & of course there’s our much-envied-by-the-other-interns development intern whose office is wall-papered with Joshua Beckman…

but this holiday season we got extra-in-the-spirit and let our interns have a well-deserved holiday break.  But just because they’re on vacation, doesn’t mean that poetry news can go ill reported.  

Thanks to our political correspondent intern, Stacy, who continues to work tirelessly for the cause of poetry, we learned that ELIZABETH ALEXANDER IS OBAMA’S INAUGURAL POET!

So we had Tom, our twitter-monitoring intern check it out,  and he tweeted “ELIZABETH ALEXANDER IS OBAMA’S INAUGURAL POET!”

And finally, after our fact checking intern investigated, the Vowel Movers report that ELIZABETH ALEXANDER IS OBAMA’S INAUGURAL POET!

Aretha Franklin and Yo-Yo Ma will also perform.

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