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Strange Bedfellows: Sister Mary Clarence & Rilke

December 13, 2008


fyi, just a bulletin, in case you didn’t know, if you aren’t the type to watch, you have always had better things to do, it just wasn’t like that in your house–your mother didn’t allow it, it was on too late, you didn’t have cable, you don’t care for Whoopi Goldberg/Jennifer Love Hewitt/Lauryn Hill/Kathy Najiminy/films about Catholic schools and nuns, or you simply missed it:

Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet is referenced in Sister Act 2.  we are severely disappointed to find that this specific scene does not exist on youtube.  and that’s what always happens with youtube: we’ll spend HOURS searching ridick. combinations of terms to get the exact moment when whoopi hands the volume to a young lauryn hill.  or the scene where L. Boogie is reading late at night, contemplating the gravitas of the slim yet deep volume.  thankfully, we don’t need no witness: we can find corroboration in the FILM section of Rilke’s wikipedia entry whew!


you know you’re feelin this clip

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  1. WELLLINGTON permalink
    May 9, 2009 7:12 pm

    só falta aperfeiçoar a voz porque vocês do sister Act fazem muito cacuete então procure fazer o melhor.

    Obs:Sou seu fá whoopi

  2. WELLLINGTON permalink
    May 9, 2009 7:13 pm

    lançe 0 Sister Act 3 se as idosas tiverem vivas nõa só como elas mas todos

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