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I was nervous about having a poet come to my house…

December 12, 2008

Joshua Beckman IN OUR HOUSE?  It’s like the poetry gods finally started reading our diary and paying attention to our crush list, because this month, The Machine Project is offering a dial-in Poetry Delivery Service.  Look at these detailed details:

On Mondays thru Thursdays, 9pm-10pm, call 213.448.7668 to request that a poem be read over the phone to you.

On Sunday December 21st, from sun-up to sundown, we switch over to a door-to-door Poetry Delivery Service. Joshua and Anthony will be taking poetry delivery requests over the Poetry Phone at the same number, 213.448.7668. Poetry deliveries will be made exclusively on foot to homes or other locations within a 1 mile radius of Machine Project. To request a poem call 213.448.7668. If no one answers just call back later — they’re out delivering poems. Don’t leave a message. No one knows how to retrieve messages from the Poetry Phone. No one.

Rave reviews are already appearing:

‘I was nervous about having a poet come to my house, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all! They were really quite nice, and left when I wanted them to!’
– anonymous new fan of poetry delivery

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