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Irrefutable Proof That Kindle Is Totally Fucked Up

December 11, 2008


admittedly, the majority of Mr. Clauser’s article is glowing.  but you know we were gonna find that one sentence to bolster our Anti-Kindle sentiments.

and here it is: shitty selection of copo (contemporary poetry) and fees for crappy blogs.  can you even imagine…if we charged you a fee to read about the junk we find interesting?

“So far I’ve found the title selection—something over 200,000—to be pretty good, though it’s sorely lacking in contemporary poetry. The Kindle store also asks you to pay to read blogs that you can otherwise get for free over the Web. …Of course, there are things I’d like to see improved. There’s not enough space for fingers on the Kindle itself—it’s too easy to accidentally trip the back or forward page buttons. I’d like a lock button like you find on MP3 players—so you can put the thing down to get a drink or use the bathroom without worrying someone will bump it and turn a few pages. A light would be nice too, but I can live without it if it gets me more battery life. I’d also like to see it in different colors.”

say what?  i have to pay for crappy blog writing?  and Billy Collins represents the totality of Contemporary Poetry?  IT DOESN’T COME IN ROYAL PURPLE?  fuck that, Amazon…I call bullshit.

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