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In Case You Needed a Reason

December 10, 2008


while many of us are enduring the long, unbearable, midwestern winter, many of us are simply fucking NOT.  somewhere a real bitch who doesn’t even appreciate the fact, is wearing a supercute gauzy dress and leggings are not necessary.  some people are maybe wearing just a sweatshirt and khakis outside.  shit-man, some people are outside!

for those of you what can get outside, DON’T FORGET TO GO TO A POETRY READING!  put it on your list.  squeeze it between the beach and the beergarden.  we’ll give you eleven–not necessarily good but totally legitimate–reasons why beginning with: it won’t kill you.  because it’s not like the article is called “Reasons To Smoke Crack Year ‘Round”

and this next one goes out to all ya’ll from ohio to colorado & onward into utah, stuck in your homes until late-April:

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