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“maybe i’ll write a huge poetry book for all the bitches in the world”*

December 5, 2008

After winning the poetry/lyric writing challenge on tonight’s episode of VH1’s reality sensation Rock of Love Charm School, Brandy M. began making some big poetry plans.   First  she said she’d expand the poem she wrote about show villlain Lacy, “The Woman With The Red Hair Who Never Seems To Care,” into a series of poems about others castmates who’d wronged her, and then she said, “Maybe I’ll write a huge poetry book for all the bitches in the world.”    When she wins the 2009 Yale Younger Poets Prize we trust Brandy will thank not only Louise Gluck, but Charm School guest   celebrity “celebrity”judge.  Because  OMGWTF it’s:

Sarah Mclachlan’s husband!

No, actually, Sarah McLachlan’s ex-husband.

About one of the more terrible poems, he says:   “whatever it takes to get it out”

and then…he questions the Lacy’s sincerity.  Ashwin ain’t lettin’ just anyone into the school of the new sincerity

Someone better tell the Iowa Writers Workshop faculty search committee about this guy…we’re talking future creative writing professor of the year.

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