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The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Mocking

November 25, 2008

Sometimes we have no other way of making ourselves feel liked than to excavate the internet for how and why others are hated.  We’re not proud.  Just honest.

Whoa do people REALLY hate the married to New Yorker staff writer James Surowiecki, Slate-editor mommy-poet-extraordinaire Meghan O’Rourke. (she’s also the author of the the Norton published poetry book Half-life,  a poetry editor at the Paris Review and sometimes she contributes to the New York Times.)

After reading the following comments how can we not feel 584390583450943 times better:

Johnny Awesome: She spells her name with an “H” – for “hatorade,” of course. Or is it “(w)hore”?

if_i_only_had_a_heart: mfa programs should be closed by the bbb for fraudulent approaches to life … unless mom and dad are buying you a nyc condo, there’s not much of a future after those degrees

Oh yes we feel much better now.  As good as puppyflowers. Yes, that good.

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