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The Maya Angelou Cross-Genre Honky-Tonkin’ Fellowship

November 23, 2008

POP quiz you pop culture hot shots!


what do you get when you cross contemporary country music with the inspirational quality of Maya Angelou’s poetry?


Martina McBridewriting her own songs, no less!

Ms. McBride is one of the 18 Americans selected by Reader’s Digest to talk about who inspires them and why.  Like humorist, Mary Roach, we were hard pressed to find a good answer (Roach’s response, “an old boyfriend”).  We want to say Suze Orman inspires us to be better poets but mostly she just scares the shit out of us and then, just to calm down, we have to spend $100 on yet another pair of literary inspired shoes such as the Globe Theater sandals.

McBride’s nod to Angelou is not entirely surprising, though, we were shocked to hear that McBride has only recently begun to write her own songs at the urging of Angelou.

“Maya opened my eyes to the power of my words. I now take care to use words wisely and with integrity.”

So we’ll be picking up a copy of 2007’s Waking Up Laughing for which McBride penned three original songs.  It will be geniuinely enlightening to see the effect Angelou’s inspiration has on other people.

‘Cause it’s only ever made Oprah a smug little know-it-all…


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