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Q: What Is The Quality That Is Called Poetic?

November 14, 2008

A: Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees

thus the long & mildly fascinating relationship between baseball and poetry continues!  eat your heart out, marianne moore!


New York Magazine is all, “Psssst, guess what, bitches?  Madonna thinks A-Rod is totally like ‘a poet trapped in an insanely gorgeous body'”.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!  that’s exactly what we say about dean young!

however, what we find critically imperative about this smidge of gossip is specifically how Madonna, et al. define the most elusive aesthetic quality: the poetic quality; that which makes something of or like poetry.

you hear it all the time, “darling, your roast was sheer poetry” or “XYZ is poetry in motion!”  so we gotta ask, WHY POETRY AS A TRANSCENDENT QUALITY?!

it’s a weird thing, is it not, to say that something is like poetry or like a poet?  cause no one says something is like abstract painting or interpret success as, say, “sheer culinary genius”.  it’s all a bit too tricky for our tastes.  but whatevs, as poets we really have no say in how people understand or perceive poetry, do we?  so while we realize our observation will be mostly ineffectual, we’d like to note that it’s “funny” Madge dubs Rodriguez a poet because he has been writing “sweet rambling personal expressions of his feelings”.  cause like, i guess that’s what people think about poetry; that it’s emotional math or something.

so if you want to have an audience, quit writing your abcedarian poems and get to the painful memories already!


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