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Hittin’ the Balls and the Books

November 1, 2008

Fernando Perez told the St. Petersburg Times that during this year’s MLB playoffs he let up on the “heavy plots” of favorite authors Herman Hesse and Annie Dillard and was instead being “help[ed] a great deal” by poets “like John Ashbery and Robert Creeley.”  He counts My Life by Lyn Hejinian among his favorite books.

Perez was an  American Studies major at Columbia University with an emphasis in Creative Writing and the NYT reports that Perez had a “dream to write short narrative prose for a living” and even though he is now super-into the baseball thing, “he keeps his writing skills sharp by working on short prose and some personal essays on his laptop.”

Just because the Rays got destroyed by the Phillies, doesn’t mean we need to get all down on poetry’s transformative powers or ability to create change by inventing new worlds to inhabit.  Please don’t get all Danity Kane on us and confuse the relationship between poetry and telling the truth, or be like Jason Stark of ESPN and note the absence of poetry in the Word Series.

You know poetry is hip, cool and capable RIGHT NOW when Nicole Richie is photographed wearing a white poet blouse to Samantha Ronson’s birthday party…

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