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Poems For The People

October 18, 2008

Comedy Central recently premiered Chocolate News headlined by David Alan Grier.  The show is picking up good vibes and while some are only concerned with the socially redeeming power of comedy and satire, we can only think of one thing: PRIMETIME MAYA ANGELOU.  Cause, y’know, David Alan Grier does a wicked Maya Angelou.

So we were up all night YouTubing but there are NO youtube clips of DAG doing MA.  Bogus.  And let’s be clear about it: Dr. Maya Angelou is a dear woman and a foundational American poet.  But we remember watching her read “On The Pulse Of The Morning” on the televised Clinton Inauguration and DAG gushes with the same passion and conviction for breakfast cereal.  Poetry: no less to you now than Froot Loops when young:

Toucan Sam, you leap on the back of the wind, load stone to assorted fruit flavors, Phoenix of the dawns, one smile. We gave you, Toucan Sam, life. You, Toucan Sam, give us loops of fruit. Fruity loops, Fruit Loopies, swimming in the churning, frothy mother sea of milk, Kellogg’s appreciates consumer comments, P. O. Box 221, Battle Creek, Michigan, a prism of fruity color, a cornucopia of over forty fruity tastes. The orange, the apple, the grape, the pomegranate, the quince, the kumkwat, the kiwi, the plantain, the guava…

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