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This Just In: John Lithgow Likes Keats! No One Likes Stein!

September 23, 2008

soooooo, dear reader:

apparently there’s an anthology of poems for the celeb-set!  and Paul Rudd–of Clueless and The 40 Year Old Virgin–is not pleased with the harsh realities of the editorial process.

The Poem I Turn To: Actors & Directors Present Poetry That Inspires Them is an exceptionally revealing volume, for, did you know that:

Philip Seymour Hoffman reads contemporary poetry?  He’s cited poet Meghan O’Rourke as a favorite


Mary Louise Parker is a big Koch fan, saying, “’To You’ is one of the first poems I fell in love with. My heart rarely stops when I meet another person, but a poem or two has knocked me on my back…”

the biggest news of all: Paul Rudd is like ridiculously aware of Early American Outsider Literature, as his poet-pick was Dave the Slave.  at first we thought this whole article was a joke.  and Dave the Slave seemed like the giant red blinking light screaming FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.  but as it turns out, Dave the Slave is totally legit.  some Dave picks after the Rudd sexiness.

Great & noble jar
hold sheep goat and bear
13 May 1859

A better thing I never saw
When I shot off the lions jaw
9 November 1836

I wonder where is all my relations
Friendship to all – and every nation
16 August 1857

The sun, moon and – stars
in the west are plenty of – bears
29 July 1858


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