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Makin It New: Catherine Meng & Petrichord

September 18, 2008

new on all fronts: Catherine Meng’s newest book of poems is now available from the newest poetry press: Petrichord, a project of Aaron Tieger.  Aaron has a good eye; he happens to be the editor of one of the best journals around: CARVE. don’t ask questions just paypal that shit immediately!

we’re excited to hear Catherine has another book since we loved the first one so much.  2007’s Tonight’s the Night (Apostrophe Books) springs from readings of the biographies of Neil Young and Glenn Gould and is described by Meng as, “an experiment in repetition”.  the 48 poems featured in the book–all titled “Tonight’s The Night”–take their name from the Neil Young song and album of the same name.  here’s a nice review.  here’s a sample poem.

Meng’s newest title, Dokument, is currently available at Petrichord Books.  with an epigraph by Phillip Roth and at least one appearance by Bon Jovi, it seems as though Ms. Meng takes the dictum “Write what you know” to heart.  the emergence of the haute banal is in full friggen effect!  rejoice in postmodernism!

good for you, Catherine!  congratulations Petrichord!  we love you, poetry!

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