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For Those About To Rock

August 21, 2008

…we salute you!

For those of you googling “doping” + “poem” and finding this blog, here’s a link to the first issue of Glitter Pony–quite possibly the most amazing name for a journal EVAR–with Joshua Beckman’s poem “Here, in the marijuana forest…”–quite possibly the most amazing poem EVAR.

Although both the poem and the journal are remarkably sincere projects, we can’t help but picture Beckman checking Selby’s List and going, “NO SHIT…GLITTER PONY?! IS A JOURNAL?” There’s no doubt in our minds, dear reader, that marijuana and glitter ponies just come together naturally–this was fate.



if you google marijuana forest you can find this article from this week about arrests of marijuana aficonados, cultivating stock in them thar hills around san bernadino and the inland empire. also known as california. california don’t play, yo; they’ll take the firearm you used unlawfully during the commission of a felony AND your weed.

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  1. October 23, 2008 1:56 pm

    Dont read this if you HATE tons of new MYSPACE friends

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