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Never Send A Rapper To Do An Author’s Job

July 26, 2008

Writing–as a job–scares the crap out of us. The pressure to have good ideas all the time and produce work in sync with a publisher’s deadlines and marketing expectations feels like a 24 hour crapfest with pysch-out interludes. So it should be no surprise to you, dear reader, that we at Vowel Movers would like to publicly forgive rappers Lil Kim and Foxy Brown for the crimes they have committed against the publishing industry–fashion is another matter entirely.

Both rap stars have experienced writers block* in the extreme and publisher Simon & Schuster is seeking a return of the respective advances. Predictably, Foxy Brown’s memoir fetched a larger sum–at almost twice as much (or $75,000). Lil Kim’s novel–whose alleged title was The Price of Loyalty–only got a $40,000 advance. Ouuuchh. What does literary fiction have to do to get a paycheck!?

The (alleged!) novel is about three years overdue and Fox’s memoir about two.

*This is what writer’s block looks like on Lil Kim (interior as exterior):

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  1. August 20, 2008 6:24 am

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