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Awwww Snap! DISS!

June 17, 2008

Note to interviewers: Gore Vidal will have none of that!

Maybe the only reason to be an author is to hold out for that one interview you’ll get at a later age, when you couldn’t possibly give a F@&* anymore and you’re just gonna go for it. You’re just gonna rip this kid a new one, tell it like it is! Balls to the walls man, just go for it. Not sure how that might work? Need a model? How about Gore Vidal.

It’s hard to pick a favorite response from this interview; is it the part where he dismisses Obama out of the blue? Or, no–wait–is it the part where he makes a pretty good Al Gore joke? Or are we so self-centered that the only thing we find interesting is Vidal’s supreme disdain for lit-crit? Late twentieth century: J’Accuse! Love, Gore Vidal.

Do you read a lot of contemporary fiction these days? Like everyone else, no, I don’t.

This curmudgeonly approach to literature seems to be a suspicious trend amongst old male authors. Might we suggest, Mr. Vidal, the company of one contemporary charmer, VS Naipaul? Back in May, the Book section of the UK based Independent reported that, much like GV, VS feels there are “no more great writers”.

Secretly our wish is for the two to pair up and do a pomo Lemmon & Mathau act. I mean what’s more fun than watching two old men get all crankypants about the current state of literature? (Answer: absolutely nothing!)


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