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Coffee Table Books Are SO Hot Right Now

June 5, 2008

We vowel movers are pretty hardcore believers in writing what you know. And no two people have been a consistent part of our lives longer than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. We practically grew up with them! So we welcomed (with both open arms and bared fangs) the news that the tweeny twins will soon release a new publishing venture: a coffee table collection of photos and profiles about pop culture figures entitled, Influence. Perhaps only slightly more indulgent than a book of confessional poetry, the book reportedly tracks “people such as artists, writers and designers who have influenced the twins and have made them the trendsetters they are today”

It feels good to know that we can now add lit-dish to the fantasy we have of brunching and shopping on Robertson with MK & A. Which is good ’cause, frankly, we don’t always have nice things to say about some of the their fashion choices. And while the jury is still out on their editorial savvy, at least Influence not a Fibonacci sequence about Christian Louboutin’s genius.

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