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One of these things just doesn’t belong…

May 25, 2008

During the daily grind that is Vowel Movers we spend a lot of time on conference calls between time-zones, approving massive poetry initiatives, and being generous foster parents to many lonely poetry books.

With all this “poetry” work, it’s no surprise that our search history is like an open Poet’s Market. So you’d think we’d be able to spot a fake/imposter poetry journal amid a bio of actual journals….right?

XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX is the author of XXXXXX, published in XXXX by XXXXXXXX. Currently an MFA candidate at XXXXXXX in XXXXXXXX where she is a XXXXX fellow, recent poems appear, or are forthcoming, in Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks, SWERVE, My Kid Sister, Unibrow, Unlikely Stories, Orange Oprah, Puppyflowers, Notnostrums, Bird Dog, Dirt, Gold Leggings, material word, 1913, pilot, Three Nipples, Slurve, PomPom, Baby Talk, 27 rue de flowers, Norman Mailer’s Girlfriend, our black eye, Sneaky-Sneaky, Word, LVNG, & The Canarium.


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