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No One Ever Said Poetry Was Nick Hogan

May 20, 2008

On May 9, Google Trends reported that “april is the cruelest month” was the 19th most googled. Though behind the inimitable “Nick Hogan,” Eliot’s super popular line was totally ahead of “bikini wearing teacher,” and I mean, we aren’t asking for more.

After a number of painful, frightening minutes spent yelling to the Vowel Moving interns about  WTF was giving Elliot the suddent internet popularity of such blockbuster searches as “skimpy prom dress,” “flavor of love 3 season winner,” or “one tree hill season 6 spoiler”? Thanks for the can of SPARKS light and the Funions, classy intern #4, and mega-thanks to the invaluable intern #8 for finding this:

On May 9, Meredith Vierra asked this $25,000 question on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire:

‘April is the cruellest month’ is a line from what famous poem?

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