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At Least It Won’t Be A Poetry Book

May 2, 2008

I always felt that former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell and I were kindred spirits. But I had no idea we shared a love of authorship…authordom…authorhood. Whatevs, this chick writes her own books and likes to diss celebrities and that makes her tops in my book! Check it out as Geri dishes on all things authorial, including how a reader can tell if a title was ghostwritten:

“I know there is a prejudice against celebrity authors, but if you read my stories you’ll know they’re not ghostwritten–only that I could be bonkers.” she confessed to the Hello! Magazine website.


I guess that’s how we all knew Norman Mailer was a crack-hole genius. Link-du-jour part deux? Faux reals bebes! As Gawker reports, the Harvard University student paper, The Crimson, pried more than a few interesting tidbits from Mailer’s mistress, Carole Mallory. Does it surprise any of you, dear readers, that the o

ld clap-trap pugilist liked to talk during sex? That he was, as well as a literary giant, a gossiper? In true writerly fashion, the couple broke up while he was editing her work. Waa-waa.

And in what seems to be a trend in the corner of the world we like to think of as “credible lit-gossip” Harvard U

niversity comes out as the Liz Smith of lit-dish. Not only did The Crimson nab the deets on sex with Mailer, ole HU loosened up perpetually wound author, Jonathan Franzen. The predictably acerbic Franzen hauled off on NY Times fiction critic Michiko Kakutati, calling her “the stupidest person in New York City”. We take this –

-as all things Franzen–with a grain of salt. Partially because who really cares what Jonathan Franzen thinks anyway. Secondly, an official poll of stupid New Yorkers would undoubtedly include rather than be administered by Franzen. And thirdly, most of the (public) accusations leveled against Kakutati are by white male authors whose “criticisms” verge on 4th grade classroom name calling. The UK based Guardian book blog reports our old friend, Norman “Let’s Talk About New Titles While I Ram You” Mailer once accused the NY Times of not firing Kakutati because she was a “twofer” being both “Asiatic” and “feminist”. Asiatic? Are y

ou even allowed to say that?

Looks like the clear lit-winner today is Geri, whose author photo alone could sell copies. I mean this lady is a soul sister; if I had a nickel for everytime I uttered the phrase, “I feel like I’ve hung up my hotpants now….I just feel really comfortable writing books.” Of course those were the famous last words of JD Sallinger; interview with Sallinger’s mistress in next week’s issue of The Crimson !

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  1. May 14, 2008 6:15 am

    Funny how my story about Bernard Malamud’s baseball novel would end up as a related link. Word Press has a lot of bugs to work out in this new system, don’t they?

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