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Now Whose The Geek?

April 3, 2008

James Franco, of hot hot hotness and Freaks and Geeks fame is reportedly taking his fiction writing from UCLA (where he is completing a novel under the direction of Mona Simpson) to matriculate at Columbia University’s MFA program in Creative Writing this fall. And yes, we hope, as says: He’s gonna write love poems! (loves poems to me, that is)

Comments one reader:

Oh, great, so recent-Columbia-MFA-rejects like myself can see who made the cut instead. Stay credible, Columbia.

writes another:

I hope he goes to class everyday as JustinBobby. I guess this means I have start hanging out at 1020 again.

Writes Popserious in “James Franco to Join ‘The Program'”:

I hear he’ll be in the fiction concentration, which is for pussies, but he’ll figure that out when he gets here.

Filled to the brim of hysterics with existence pain and status anxiety, the crumbling 4th floor of Columbia’s Dodge Hall is a special enviornment, as Franco will find out next fall. If you get out with a six figure debt and a gravitational pull towards alcohol, you’ve done pretty well for yourself. But that’s just what we say to newcomers to test their levels of rationality, because only the severely irrational can survive in our company. Once you fork over a cool hundred thousand or two we’re happy to share a few bottles of scotch with you, read all of your napkin scribbles, and cry on your shoulder. Once we graduate with our promise of book deals and positions on the boards of obscure literary magazines, we’ll be happy to provide the blurbs on your hardcover backad for decades to come.

Franco, come find me in the fall and I’ll show you where the booze is hidden in the office. Welcome home. Oh, and if you’re too weirded out by us writers, I’ve heard rumors that Julia Stiles will be upstairs getting a film MFA.

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  1. April 6, 2008 11:19 pm

    Oooooooooh, to be a teacher WHERE EVER Mr. Franco is a student!!


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