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Dude, Most Poetry Totally….

June 17, 2006

“sucks elk balls” says Michael Brodeur over at Boston’s Weekly Dig

Michael says lots of other things about poetry:

People like to compare poetry and wine, but bad wine still gets you drunk. We’ve heard it all before [ . . . ] coy MFA douches penning self-serious slo-mo dramatizations of their dads shaving, unwittingly trying to crawl up into Jorie Graham’s hair; Angelou’s greeting-card bullshit; Collins’s yard-gazing garbage. Even the word “poetry” makes us feel a little gross (I prefer “poems,” as it hints at variety). It doesn’t help that poetry criticism is a bipolar mess. Here’s the shorthand: One side enjoys stories, things that make sense, and humming like idiots at readings when they like a certain line (“Hmm!”); the other side hates the aforementioned side and, hence, hates stories, sense and hums of approval. Big deal. It’s like a couple arguing loudly in the food court so that people will watch them.

Enter Seattle’s “Wave Books,” a venture whose books, says Brodeur [have] enough immediate appeal to entice and soothe skittish newbs, and enough canonical footing to make it OK for seasoned masochistic enthusiasts.

CVM reccommends Beckman’s “Shake”!

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