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Favorite Performances?

January 17, 2006

Dear CVM Readers,
We ask you the same question that Charles Bernestein asked the Buffalo poetics list:

Thinking of poetry as performance, but not necessarily separating the poem from its performance, I would appreciate it if Poetics subscribers (*lurkers alert!*) would provide a list of the poetry readings that you most valued over the past few years. If possible (though hardly necessary!), please provide a description of the style of performance or performances and also discuss what you particularly valued about the reading or readings.
-Charles Bernstein

We’ll go first:

1. Robert Creeley
@ University of Chicago’s Poem Present Series
April 1, 2004
Listen/Watch here

2. Charles Bernstein
@ Discrete Reading Series
November 21, 2004
Listen here

3. Stacy Szymaszek with Silliman
@ Chicago Poetry Project
January 24, 2004
It was Stacy, not grand-daddy Silliman that rocked the house (or library). Szymaszek easily became my favorite woman reader, EVER. Her book length project, Some Mariners, made for an engaging and rewarding listening experience.


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