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Poetic Projections

December 21, 2005

CVM is totally obsessed with all things Jim Behrle.
Check out these projected wiffle-ball lineups from Jim’s blog:

New York School

1. “Everyday” Edmund Berrigan, 2b
2. Brandon “The Chef” Downing, LF
3. Anselm “The Project” Berrigan, ss
4. Jordan “3D” Davis, 3b
5. Mitch “The Hit Dog” Highfill, C
6. Anastasios “Buzzsaw” Kozaitis, CF
7. David “The Booganator” Kirschenbaum, 1b
8. Brendan “Lungs” Lorber, RF
9. Douglas “Kid Zinc” Rothschild, P

“Bowery” Brenda Coultas
Cori “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Copp
Nick “The Quick” Piombino
Tracy “The Ace” McTague
Drew “Let’s Play Two” Gardner
“Can’t Catch” Katie Degentesh
“Bollywood” Gary Sullivan
Nada “Eli” Gordon

Coach: Charles “Charlie Hustle” Bernstein


1. Leslie “Leave ‘Em Sorry” Scalapino, 2b
2. “What about” Bob Perelman, 3b
3. Barrett “Detroit Dinger” Watten, 1b
4. Ron “The American Tree” Silliman, CF
5. Charles “Buffalo Wings” Bernstein, LF
6. “Wild” Lyn Hejinian, ss
7. “Thinly Veiled” Rae Armantrout ,RF
8. Clark “Coolio” Coolidge, C
9. Bruce “The Boss!” Andrews, P

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