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Poets 9 for 9

December 16, 2005

Check out CAConrad’s Poets 9 for 9 , a collection of 9 questions for 9 poets and their answers. The most recent set of respondents includes CVM favorites, Jim Behrle and Prageeta Sharma.

1. If you were SUDDENLY the opposite sex, what name would you choose? How are your poems changed?

2. Play the following scene out:
(A blue car pulls up beside you, they crack the tinted window)

3. Explain how you see the internet’s impact on poetry.

4. There’s a new poetry library in Philadelphia and you are in charge of choosing the sculpture for the entrance. What is it?

5. Give us a solid 90 seconds of automatic writing on the topic of canned peas.

6. You knock on my door just as we’re ready to begin a seance to contact dead poets. Who do you want to contact? What do you ask?

7. How do you see literary criticism affecting the direction of poetry?

8. Since the American war against Iraq began some poets have been saying that this is not a time for writing poems, and that our energy should only be focused on fighting against the war. How do you feel about this?

9. APTV is the new All Poetry Television Network. You’ve been asked to create a poetry game show. What is it?

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