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Olson Now

October 1, 2005

A few weeks ago Michael Kelleher and Ammiel Alca announced a blog venture: OlsonNow, via the Buffalo Poetics List.
It’s been 35 years since Olson’s death, and Projective Verse (published in pamphlet form in 1950) has had her 55th birthday.

What (if any) is projective verse’s lasting influence?

Jerome Rothenberg has commented, “There is no projective verse to speak of in ‘Poems for the Millenium.’ There could have been. There are references to it. One acknowledges its presence, its importance, but I think that our choice here (given that it’s a book of choices) was to focus on Olson in the ‘resistance,’ Olson as one of the figures doing something that does have a particular Americanness to it: that is, the merging of poetry and history.”

Browse some Olson archives on the web while you decide . . .

1. Listen to Olson’s 1957 reading at San Francisco State University

From Maximus, vol. 1
1. I Maximus of Gloucester to You (4:01)
2. Songs of Maximus, Letter 1 (3:11)
3. Maximus, Letter 7 (Marsden Hartley’s eyes) (5:44)
4. Maximus, Letter 10 (3:39)

From Maximus, vol. 2
5. Letter 14 (6:11)
6. Letter 15 (5:12)

7. Maximus, The Twist (3:40)
8. Second Century Song (0:30)
9. Anecdotes of the Late War (0:43)
10. The Love of Anat (0:34)
11. The O’Ryan Poems (3:32)

2. check out the Charles Olson Archive at The University of Connecticut Libraries. The archive includes pictures of Black Mountain College, Gloucester, and photos taken by and of Olson.

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