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This is not your mother’s Fence

September 27, 2005

Behold Summer 2005 issue of Fence:

In the issue’s editor’s note, Summer Fiction Tits, Rebecca Wolff writes,
“I don’t consider myself post-feminist; I’m still just feminist. So what, then, is with the tits on the cover? Let’s call it experimental (though certainly not innovative) marketing . . . What is a tit, really? As a woman entering her eighth heavenly month of breastfeeding, happy as all get-out to be plumping up my Margot, an eighteen-pounder built of nothing, so far, but the milk from my own considerably smaller, considerably older tits, I am currently feeling even more especially fond of tits than usual. Margot has an entirely unconflicted relationship to my tits: When she’s hungry she wants them; she cries out; they are delivered to her. So why not, I thought, give the people what they can also be understood to want. It is a more than slightly ironic comment on my own initial promise to make Fence “visually appealing and desirable as a consumer product” (see my 2000 interview on”

In addition a Suicide Girl on the cover, the Summer 2005 double-big Fence features stories by Dawn Raffel, Frederic Tuten, Stacey Levine, Chris Offutt and Harry Matthews, a big roundtable debate on contemporary fiction, and an essay by Letters to Wendy’s author Joe Wenderoth.

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