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You Can be a Poet before you Gnow It!

August 12, 2005

Eric Elshtain (fabulous former poetry editor of the Chicago Review) has teamed up with compter programmer Jon Trowbridge on a number of versions of Gnoetry: a computer generated poetry program that gives the user a number of choices to make as he “writes” a poem with Gnoetry .2 (aka “the machine”). Beard of Bees press, Gnoetry’s home, says:

Gnoetry synthesizes language randomly based on its analysis of existing texts. Any machine-readable text or texts, in any language, can serve as the basis of the Gnoetic process. Gnoetry generates sentences that mimic the local statistical properties of the source texts. This language is filtered subject to additional constraints (syllable counts, rhyming, etc.) to produce a poem.

Download Beard of Bees’ latest chapbook, Her Social Frame by Eric Elshtain and Gnoetry. Our favorite chapbook remains The Most Effective Dress.
P.S. The Reader featured an article about Gnoetry in the front section last week!
P.P.S. Elshtain writes some fine verse without the machine, as well. Check here, here, here, and here.

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